Volunteer Inquiry Fields Soon to Be Published Here:

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Volunteer Opportunities

In Office


  • Social Media Volunteer
  • Liaison Positions to other Capoeira Groups
  • Liaison with other groups in our own lineage
  • Liaison with other related arts
  • Wood working and farming liaison
  • School program Liaison
  • Recycling liaison
  • Social Liaison
  • Team Member Liasion
  • Corporate Sponsor Liaison
  • Accounting Volunteer
  • Board member coordinators
  • Event Coordinators
  • Salsa Liaision
  • Martial Arts Liaison
  • Choral Arts Liaison 
  • Children's Team Parent/Guardian Liaison (Background Check Required)
  • International Travel Liaison (Background Check Required)
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Data Entry for Team training statistics for Adults and Children into the habits organizer
  • Workshop / Playshop coordinator
  • Facilities liaison
  • Teams Travel Plan Coordinators

Music and Choir




Time to devote to Choir practice required for the first 7 months.  We will teach you.  Applicant must be teachable, work well with others, willing to commit to Singing at six out of town away rodas, fifteen local rodas, and thirty home rodas or roda trainos, six hospital events, eleven elder care events, five festivals or live show events geared toward a wide variety of attendees.



Teaching Large Groups of Several Hundred Young People at a time; breaking such a large group into learning blocks of 5 children per volunteer.


Volunteer mandatory orientation and background check required.


Preference given to people who have letters' of recommendation. 

Volunteering for our OBRC Recycling Fund Raiser


Orientation for detail best practices required.


Letter of recommendation required


Category Break Downs:


  • Driver
  • Sponsor Coordinator
  • Pick Up Organizer
  • Dispatch Volunteer
  • Sorters
  • Drop off volunteers
  • Canvassers
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